Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day One

Welcome to day one, people.

Our generation needs to build a coherent conservative movement on par with William F. Buckley's shining city known as National Review. We must take the future in our hands. We must be independent-minded allies. We must be intelligent and persuasive.

I named my blog Generation Patriot because I believe our generation can overcome the failings of the Boomers and Gen X. We won't be the generation that let America rot under socialism, apathy and reversed morality. We can make a consensus and we can bring the founding principles back to government and to society.

Let's get to work.


stephgrinage said...

i have no idea how this works... lol, i'll figure it out.

Sean said...

And yet, William F. Buckley is one of the "conservatives" what pushed John McCain on us... saying that we need to capture the middle road voters. Buckley has sold out to the elites and his commitment to conservatism should be challenged.

Jordan said...

I highly disagree with the idea that WFB is a air-quotes conservative. WFB created the modern conservative movement and people are allowed mistakes, especially now since he died before he could comment on the rest of the race. We need to change the movement, of course, but going Stalin on it is just plain stupid.

Michelle S said...

Thanks for allowing a gen X'er to write on this blog...we are not all daft! lol As for Buckley...I think the poor man was losing his mind towards the end because he stemmed from the Goldwater limited government mentality. He never stood for this watered down version of conservatism the party is now pushing.

tvink said...

Our generation is in trouble, as well. We have all of the bad qualities of past generations personified. This generation wants instant gratification, it is materialistic, it is always striving for what in unattainable, and most of all, it refuses to believe that hard work is the best way to achieve these wants. Perhaps I am being a pessimist, but I see a lot of this from my generation.