Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And we have a winner...

After a long two years of campaigning, the American people have spoken and have elected Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. An historic election to say the least, was also an election full of problems. Cases of voter fraud ran rampant, passes given over past affiliations to Democratic candidates, while Republican candidates were raked through the coals, reckless spending, the list goes on and on. Yes we have our first multi-racial President which is wonderful for this country, but at what cost? Did we rush to judgment just to overcome this barrier? This is part of the problem though, neither side presented good candidates. If this is what we have to look forward to in elections to come, then we honestly have nothing to look forward to. There were far more qualified candidates of varying races that could have run from both sides to make this a truly historical election.

It seemed as though this year especially so many voters were completely uninformed on the issues, voting on race rather than substance. Don't want to believe me? Voters in urban areas turned once red states into blue states this time around. Many interviewed on the mainstream media flat out admitted that they were voting for Obama solely based on his race and nothing more. When you asked Obama supporters what they liked most about his platform they couldn't give you any answer other than the standard "change".

Obama surprised me last night, calling on Americans that didn't vote for him to stand with him and move forward. Just the same way liberals stood by George Bush the past 8 years? Why should we just suck it up and go with the flow, no one gave George Bush that chance in 2004. Bush may have done some things wrong but he has kept us safe, and while he knew decisions he would make in order to keep us safe would be unpopular, he made them for the good of this country. I don't know whether or not Obama will have Americas (as a whole) best interests at hand when he makes decisions. That I guess is what is so troubling with this election. The sheer unknown. We have no idea how Obama will perform. A novice in the Senate, who has spent most of his days campaigning rather than passing legislation. It will be interesting to see the way his presidency takes shape, and to see how many people are still supporting him after 4 years.

I hope for Americas sake we can make it through these four years unscathed. I hope Obama can do a decent job, and I hope he will do more to unite the country rather than polarize it, but I, like so many others have my doubts.

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