Monday, December 29, 2008

The Irony of Illegal Immigrants in Massachusetts

My great grandparents legally came here from Ireland. My husband’s grandparents legally immigrated here from Canada. My entire neighborhood legally came here from Italy (yes I call my neighborhood ‘Little Italy’). Why is it that millions of people have immigrated to our wonderful country legally yet millions today are illegally entering the country without a blink of an eye from the government?

They take our jobs.

They use our resources in emergency rooms.

They drive illegally so there is no re-course if they cause an accident. They simply disappear because they do not ‘technically’ exist in the United States.


Their children enter our classrooms unable to speak English, again taking valuable resources away from AMERICANS.

A recent article in the Boston Globe has me hot under the collar over the ‘sympathy’ that illegals are receiving. View the article in full here:

A recent lawsuit brought by an illegal immigrant regarding underpaid wages in the news today. The illegal won the lawsuit, using STATE laws. The laws that are meant to protect CITIZENS are now being used to protect ILLEGALS.

These people do not ‘exist’ nor pay taxes to ANY commonwealth. Then have the nerve to sue for underpaid wages??? I am not condoning abusing someone because they are illegal. They should not have been hired in the first place. The company involved should be fined for their own illegal behavior. I’m sure the company thought there would be no recourse since the illegal immigrant should not be working in the first place. HOWEVER, both the illegal immigrant and the company ripped us off by not paying taxes on the payroll or income or paying social security taxes. I’m sure any taxes on this income were NOT paid to the state or the federal government. Supposedly the man went to Boston Legal Services to pay taxes (which I find hard to believe), and that is how the complaint got started.

Why did this illegal sue? "I was just collecting what was rightfully owed to me," the fish man, who declined to use his name because he fears deportation, said in Spanish in his lawyer's offices at Greater Boston Legal Services. "They already pay us a miserable amount of money. Why do they have to rob us?" What the hell does he think he is doing to legal Americans??? HE is robbing us of resources that are meant for citizens. If he was truly concerned he would have taken the necessary steps to become a legal citizen, learn ENGLISH and get a job legally. HE robbed this country by not paying taxes yet the state turns around and sues on his behalf.

“As part of its investigations, the attorney general's office does not ask workers about their immigration status, saying it is enforcing state law and not federal immigration law.” So they are wasting MY taxpayer dollars on investigating and enforcing state laws for people who pay NO taxes and who are breaking the law by being here illegally??? This is completely outrageous!!! I find it ironic that our tax dollars support illegal immigrants who use valuable resources and now also have the State Attorney’s office wasting our taxpayers dollars without pursuing the illegality of the immigrant. This truly shows how defunct our system is in this country. Way to go Massachusetts!

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